Why SMETS Technology?

Because this is where trucks are made easy.

SMETS Technology GmbH, based near Berlin, merges expertise and knowledge from all over Germany. Together with our partners, we build individual high-performance trucks for professional surface treatment using high-pressure water.
Since 1975, the founders of SMETS Technology have made sure to rely on environmentally friendly and resource saving ultra-high-pressure technology for cleaning runways and roads.

How do we build the trucks?
The result is a product line that perfectly adapts to every customer requirement in terms of design and technology. The basis of the cooperation is always an intensive personal consultation, when the CEO talks with the client, about all their unusual options to build, we then design it, calculate it, make an offer, and tailor it.
A specially configured high-performance truck is then created in line with your requirements, such as the amount and positions of the cleaning devices, how many heads for demarking, or the size of the high pressure system. On request, we mount your system on a local chassis.
After delivery, your drivers are carefully trained on the job how to achieve optimum performance with minimum energy consumption in daily practice.
And to ensure that everything runs reliably in the long term, you can rely on our competent after-sales service around the clock. In foreign countries, we do it in collaboration with local partners, of whom some of them are available 24/7.

SMETS Technology's Managing Directors - Sascha, Karl and Stephan Smets

Karl, Sascha and Stephan Smets

The Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015 stands for the continuous improvement of our processes, products and/or services. It is aimed at fulfilling customer requirements as well as normative and legal requirements of our products and/or services. The standard gives the impulse for the continuous increase of the efficiency of our company and the satisfaction of our customers.

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