Water Disposal & Water Recycling

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Water Disposal

Our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment does not end with the design and manufacturing of our special vehicles. We are also enabling the responsible disposal of the wastewater created in the rubber removal or demarcation process with our special filter container “FC 12”.
Our filter container works with pure mechanical power. The container filters wastewater through a wedge wire filter plate (fine steel mesh) which can be additionally covered with a textile fleece. Thus, the filter container is able to separate solids from liquids in the filtered wastewater.
We worked together with recognized laboratories and tested the remaining liquid wastewater after it was being filtered. The result was clear: the remaining wastewater can be discharged into sewer systems with connected sewage treatment plants without hesitation. There is no potential harm for the soil. Therefore, the remaining liquid wastewater can be easily disposed into a sewer after the filtration process.

Water Recycling

Smets Technology ™️ has collaborated with Reprotex for advanced performance on runway rubber removal.
High-pressure water jetting is considered to be state-of-the-art technology for airport runway rubber removal. However, airport operators require the best ecological solution
in terms of the disposal of wastewater. Reprotex treats highly soiled process water and puts it back into the working process.
The SMETS Airport-Runway-Cleaner ARC 1000/ARC 1500 in combination with the REPROTEX Mobile Filtration Device Airport Service MFD-A25 improves the efficiency of cleaning operation by reusing the cleaned wastewater.
This creates cost savings and guarantees a high environmental standard.



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