We are fully committed and care deeply about sustainability and the protection of our environment. Not only as human beings that are living on this planet but also as a growing tech company that is working with the mother of all-natural resources: water!

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As we have grown and developed our technology, we always aimed for the lowest environmental impact when manufacturing and using our products. Our products are therefore specifically designed to avoid chemicals, protect the soil from harmful substances, and restore the friction and longevity of surfaces while using the lowest amount of water possible.
And believe us – as a tech company, we do not believe in catchy but empty phrases when it comes to sustainability. We are creating facts:

As much as we are proud of our achievements, our journey towards sustainability and zero-emission vehicles has only started. As a next step, we are eager to become the first special vehicle manufacturer and service provider for runway and roadway cleaning solutions with emission-free vehicles. Consequently, we are currently developing vehicles with alternative drives – such as electric or hydrogen. Please check out our first fully electric roadway cleaning system, the E-Raser. Read more about our newest discoveries, product developments and updates on our blog or get in touch with us.

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