Rubber Removal

Our Airport Runway Cleaners with working width from 1,000 mm to 3,000 mm are characterized by extremely high reliability:
ARC 1000 Landebahn Runway

ARC 1000®

The ARC 1000® is a system in which ALL units are driven by the vehicle engine (at least 480 PS).
ARC 1600 Landebahn Runway

ARC 1600®

Due to the larger working widths, this airport runway rubber removal machine provides a higher performance than the ARC 1000®
ARC 2400 Landebahn Runway Straße Roadway - Road marking removal

ARC 2400®

The ARC 2400® can be used on runways for rubber removal and on roads for marking removal and/or roughening.
ARC 3000

ARC 3000®

The ARC3000®, with the largest tank capacity of any system available in the world, was originally designed and built for a huge airport in the UAE.
SMETS Technology GmbH's rubber removal and demarking truck "ARC 1600 TE" for the Asian market

ARC 1600® TE

The ARC 1600® TE can be used professionally for rubber removal on runways and demarking applications. This model is equipped with an auxiliary engine to drive the high-pressure pump.
An allrounder machine from SMETS Technology GmbH removing rubber and markings from pavement

ST Contractor

Our latest innovation can do it all: Demarking, Retexturing and Rubber Removal and is thus made for all contractors around the globe!

Landebahn Runway Wasserrecycling Water Recycling - Water Recycling, Reprotex, Filter

Water Disposal & Water Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment does not end with the design and manufacturing of our special vehicles.

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