Road Marking Removal

The removal of road markings (lines and/or traffic signs) by means of high-pressure water is becoming increasingly popular worldwide.
The distance with our systems guarantees that no height profile is milled into the road surface.
Our procedure is gentle and fast. The models MRT 300/2 and 300/1 differ only in the size of the tanks and the chassis (2- or 3-axles)

Marking Removal Truck
MRT 300/1

Marking Removal Truck
MRT 300/2

Road Surface Retexturing

ARC 2400

ARC 2400®

The ARC 2400® can be used on runways for rubber removal and on roads for marking removal and/or roughening.
ARC 3000

ARC 3000®

The ARC3000®, with the largest tank capacity of any system available in the world, was originally designed and built for a huge airport in the UAE.

OIL Spillage Cleaner OSC 5000

The OSC 5000 (4 x 4 chassis, both axles steerable) can be used for cleaning of large areas with cold or hot high-pressure water and a powerful suction device.
Friction Tester

Friction Tester

The CSR device has been designed and manufactured to control pavement parameters responsible for traffic safety.

Water Disposal & Water Recycling

Our commitment to sustainability and the protection of our environment does not end with the design and manufacturing of our special vehicles.

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