Contracting & Renting

Rubber removal on runways

Marking removal on roads & airports (Removal of traffic signs)

Retexturing of surfaces (increasing of friction values)

Cleaning of large areas

Oil spillage removal

With a max. working width of 1,000 mm an average performance (rubber removal) of 1,200 m²/h can be achieved with our strong unit and the powerful UHP pump.
We remove heavy road markings up to 300 m²/h.
We clean large areas (HP washing and simultaneous vacuum) up to 8,000 m²/h – a cleaning down to the pores.
Smets ARC system in operation on a road (removing road lines)
Cleaning head in operation to remove road lines – painted lines can be removed up to 2,000 m/h
Paint Removal, Estonia 2020
We take care on the waste after our job and offer our filter container FT 12 for separating liquids and solids.

For us it makes no difference whether it is a multi-year contract at an international airport or a small contract in the road sector, we complete all tasks quickly and reliably.

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Roadway Solutions

ARC 1000
ARC 1600
ARC 2400
ARC 3000
Friction Tester
Water Recycling

Runway Solutions

MRT 300/1
MRT 300/1
ARC 2400
ARC 3400
Friction Tester
Water Recycling


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Contracting and Renting

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